5 Star

Through the Eyes of a Child (God Created It All) by Pam Funke is a collection of six short stories which introduces young readers to the concepts of faith, love, trust, acceptance, and God. The book also introduces children to many different kinds of animals. Children are often confused with the concept of there being a God because they cannot see him.

Pam Funke's short stories focus on animals when referencing God. Children love animals, and can comprehend an idea or concept better if they can have fun and be comfortable with the explanation to their questions. For example, the author uses animals as the main characters in each of the short stories. When a young girl named Belle is walking with her mother on the beach and finds a mysterious looking creature washed up on the sand, her curiosity gets the better of her and she asks her mother what is it? Where did it come from? Who made it? When Belle did not understand that God had made the creature and loved it for what it was and everything else on the earth, her mother thought it appropriate to explain with a series of stories. Just as God loves all people on Earth for their individual qualities, he also loves animals the same way. Children often find themselves feeling left out, self-conscious, unloved, and alone. They don't know, or don't understand that God is with them always, loves them no matter what, and has created everyone with their own special purpose and talents. The author introduces readers to a few different kinds of animals with very special talents, although, like some children, the animals in the stories don't think so.

Pam Funke provides children and adults with fun and relatable characters, vivid photographs, and creative, easily read short stories to give answers to the questions about God that both children and adults often seek. A lighthearted book that can be read by all ages. --Michelle Robertson for Readers' Favorite

This book is a very nice and gentle read that children will enjoy reading and listening too. The author writes with love and understanding. Knowing her audience; the author is very descriptive in telling what things mean. This is important in a child's world. The book is filled with nice pictures to help keep the attention of a young audience. A collection of stories which is meant to bring children closer to God is always a good thing. The author handles the different stories very well.--Caglevision

As I've alluded to in previous reviews, I've been trying to break out of my reading comfort zone. Writing stories for children impresses me as particularly challenging and I believe the author did an excellent job at creating engaging tales that entertain and provide valuable life instruction.

The dialog is particularly well-written and even as an adult, I finished one story with a desire to see how the next on unfolded. This is a great book for adults to read with their kids!--
James T. Armstrong  

4 Star

Through the Eyes of a Child, written by Pam Funke, is a special collection of six sweet, simply told stories. An easy read complemented by the author's photographs, this book is sure to hold your child's attention. This book is written to teach your child about God's creation -- from those living in the sea or crawling across the trees in the forest to those flying through the air -- and you will like reading it to them over and over again. The whole book softly breathed with the appreciation of life. Sometimes what a child needs to feel secure is the assurance that all of God’s creation – including them – are special. This charming book emphasizes that for them, and these positive stories are sure to make you and your young one smile. --Paula

Through the Eyes of a Child is a special collection of sweet, simply told stories. It was an easy read, I finished it in one sitting. The whole book softly breathed with appreciation of life.
Worth the read. Definitely worth the read. --Jessiqua

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