Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Interview with Bella

Me: Good morning, Bella. How are you sweetie?
[Little 4 year old Bella has come to visit me this morning. She is wearing a beautiful teal frilly dress and has her hair up in an amazing updo. So pretty.]
Bella: Hi Miss Pam. I am good.
Me: Are you up to answering some questions for our readers?
[Bella nods and twirls a finger around a strand of her hair.]
Bella: Okay.
Me: What is your favorite food?
Bella: Sweet potato fries and hotdogs.
Me: I like those too.
Bella: You do? [She looks bashful for a moment.] Cool.
Me: What is your favorite thing to do?
Bella: Color, but I love to play on the beach with my momma.
Me: That sounds like fun. What do you do when you are at the beach?
Bella: Build sand castles. Float on the waves. Oh and I get to chase the birds when momma feeds them. [Bella is really excited now.] Do you like the beach Miss Pam?
Me: Oh yes, Bella. I love the beach. The feel of the sand between your toes is amazing. But the best part is lying in the warm water and floating on the waves.
[Bella's eyes light up as she hears me talk about the beach.] Perhaps when we are done here, we can go over to the beach with your mom.
[Bella is jumping up and down with excitement now at the prospect of spending time with me at the beach.]
Me: Bella, can you tell us what was your favorite part of your story?
Bella: I like listening to the stories momma told me on the beach. It's fun looking for creatures on the beach. When we find something, momma always tells me a story about it.
Me: Sounds like your mother is a wonderful storyteller.
Bella: Oh yes, but not like you!
[Now, it's my turn to look bashful.]
Me: Well, thank you, Bella. That was sweet of you to say. What do you say we go to the beach now?
Bella: Yay! Let's go, now! [Bella is now holding my hand and tugging me out of the house.]
Me: Guess that's all for today folks. Bella and I are heading to the beach to have tons of fun. If you'd like to hear all about Bella's first adventure, be sure to check out her story THROUGH THE EYES OF A CHILD.

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