Tuesday, March 18, 2014

It's Excerpt Tuesday

Thought I would be generous today and share an excerpt from my book with you. I hope that you enjoy it.

There was once a curious little girl named Bella. She was four years old and was innocent to the ways of the world. She loved everyone and everything. Bella had a kind heart full of unconditional love and her mother hoped that she would remain this way even after she grew up.

One warm summer day as Bella was out with her mother exploring the world, she found a strange creature washed up on the shore of the beach they were exploring.

“Mom, what is this thing?” Bella asked as she bent down to gently scoop it up in her hands.

Her mother looked down into Bella’s small hands. The creature was certainly a strange looking being. I have never seen anything quite like it before. She gently poked the creature with her finger. The creature was soft and squishy when she touched it. It was grey in color with small shells covering a portion of its body.

“I’m not sure Bella, but I think that it is a sea cucumber,” her mother said.

“Like the green thing that we eat with ranch?”

Bella’s mother started laughing.

“No, Bella. A cucumber is a vegetable while a sea cucumber is a creature. It is kind of like a slug, but lives in the water.”


Bella looked back down at the creature in her hands. You could tell that she was thinking about something as she raised an eyebrow and wrinkled her small nose.


“Yes, Bella.”

“Where did it come from? How did it get here?”

“It came from the ocean, Bella. Most likely it was washed ashore by the storm that we had last night.”

“Where did it come from before that?”

Bella walked slowly towards the ocean and gently placed the creature into the water.

“I’m not sure where in the ocean that it came from Bella. I don’t speak sea cucumber and certainly cannot ask it.”

“No, Mom. Where did it really come from? Who made it? Who made all of these things?” Bella asked as she spread her arms wide.

“Like us, Bella, God made all of these things. He is the creator of everything. Come sit beside me and I’ll tell you a story or two,” her mother said, patting the sand next to her.

Eager to hear a story, Bella hurried to sit next to her mother. She watched as the ocean raced toward her toes before it raced back out to sea. Her mind wandered as she listened to the stories that her mother told her.

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